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Top Agents is the premier platform where users connect with real estate agents and agencies in the UAE. Users share their reviews and feedback, making personalised searches according to their requirements.

We are your trusted partner, offering insights from the heart of the real estate market in Dubai and whole UAE. Reviews undergo a verification process, ensuring utmost authenticity, allowing users to benefit from a genuine experience.

With over 10,000 agents listed, you can find the right property to suit your needs. Whether renting, buying, or selling your chosen property, our platform streamlines the process.

Discover premium properties – from apartments and villas to offices and all other types of real estate in the UAE. Top provides property search trends, a property forum, market prices, nearby locations, and archives of buildings.

Our Values

As a UAE brand, we're keen to meet the needs of both local and expat communities. To cater to the unique requirements of estate agents and property seekers in the region, we extensively evaluate the real estate market before creating solutions. We uphold the values of Honesty, Innovation, and Ownership, ensuring all our decisions promote market growth.

Our Customised Initiatives and Solutions for Real Estate Agents in the UAE

The performance of agents, coupled with their knowledge of the latest technologies and trends, is pivotal to the advancement of the real estate industry.

How Top Agents Works

Our platform is open to all, and reviews are published without moderation.

How Do Reviews Get on Top Agents?

Reviews on Top Agents are penned by consumers worldwide. Anyone with buying or service experience can freely share their review using their Top Agents account. Adhering to the Guidelines for Reviewers, users must ensure no conflicts of interest with the business they review. User accounts must have an email for contact regarding account- and service-related matters.

All business reviews are available on the profile page, where consumers can both read and write their feedback. Furthermore, they can access pertinent details about the business, including star ratings and the overall Trust Score. Reviews on Top Agents can originate in two ways:

Open Platform for Real Estate Agents and Reviews

Top Agents is an open platform for both consumers and businesses, ensuring no business can pre-screen or moderate consumer content. This sets us apart from pay-to-access or closed platforms, where companies may selectively choose which reviews to publish.

Consumers are solely responsible for editing or deleting their reviews, actions only possible through their user account.

Identify and Delete Fake Reviews

All reviews on Top Agents are screened with our bespoke automated fraud detection software, flagging and removing any deceptive entries. Our system examines various data points, such as IP addresses, device features, user identifiers, timestamps, and location data to detect suspicious patterns. When our software identifies a potentially fraudulent review, it's taken offline, and the reviewer is notified via email, granting them an opportunity to correct any inaccuracies.

Flagged Reviews

We pride ourselves on openness, allowing both businesses and consumers the opportunity to flag a review if it breaches our guidelines. For public protection and regulatory compliance, reviews flagged as "illegal or harmful" are concealed during investigation. Constantly flagging negative reviews violates our guidelines. Misuse of the flagging function by businesses risks undermining the credibility of our platform, and we treat such actions with the gravity they deserve.

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